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If you are looking to load large amounts of data into the site the API may be the best method to use.
You can find the API documentation here: The first two listings are what you need – the Dataset REST API and the Datastore API.

1. How does metadata get ingested?

Metadata can be ingested through by an authenticated user with sufficient permissions either manually or through the Dataset REST API (this is meant for post requests).

2. Where is the associated data stored and what is the access method to the data?

The associated data is stored in two formats on the site. The first is a direct copy of the file (i.e. CSV, zipped shapefile, pdf) that is used for downloads of the file. The second is used for CSV files only. CSV files are ingested into the site’s “Datastore” which is a backend database that provides a cached output both for the data previews on the site and the Datastore API. The Datastore API is a separate API from the API mentioned above and is associated with get requests.

3. Is there a scriptable API (i.e., interface) to harvest metadata and data from the application for integrity verification?

Yes, please see the API documentation for the DKAN product here:

If you have specific questions that haven't been answered in the documentation, please reach out to us via email.