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The Mission of the Department of Fish and Wildlife is to manage California's diverse fish, wildlife, and plant resources, and the habitats upon which they depend, for their ecological values and for their use and enjoyment by the public.


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Stream Habitat Reach Summary - San Francisco Bay, Central Coast [ds159]

The Stream Habitat - San Francisco Bay, Central Coast_[ds159] shapefile contains two years of in-stream salmonid habitat data at the reach level. The data have been summarized from habitat unit level data collected by DFG from June 1996 into September of 1997. The South Coast portion of the original dataset could not be represented at the stream reach level, so is not included here. The remaining 49 streams/stream surveys represent 180 miles of streams surveyed in the San Francisco Bay and Central Coast hydrologic regions of California. The database helps identify and describe in-stream habitat available to anadromous salmonids within watersheds of the California San Francisco Bay and Central Coast Hydrologic Regions. Data were collected using standardized survey techniques according to the version of the "California Stream Habitat Restoration Manual" (see Flosi et al.) that was current in the year of survey. Field survey teams measured up to 60 parameters for selected habitat units. Stream surveys typically started at the downstream confluence and proceeded upstream to the "limit of anadromy" as assessed by the survey crew. WHAT EACH RECORD REPRESENTS Each of the 100 records in this dataset represents in-stream habitat unit level data summarized at the stream reach level. A habitat unit is the base level for the stream habitat surveys and is generally determined by the occurrence of riffle, run and pool sections along the stream. Stream reaches are determined by changes in stream channel type as described by Rosgen (1994).

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