California Department of Water Resources

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) is responsible for managing and protecting California’s water resources. DWR works with other agencies to benefit the State’s people and to protect, restore and enhance the natural and human environments.


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From the DAU boundaries in i03_DAU_county_cnty24k09 dataset:
“Detailed Analysis Unit-(DAU) Convergence via County Boundary cnty24k09_1_poly, (*See metadata for CAL-FIRE cnty24k09_1_poly), State of California.
The existing DAU boundaries were extracted via cnty24k09_1_poly, Northern Region Office (NRO) via ArcMap 10.1. DAU’s were sent out to: Northern Region Office (NRO), North Central Region Office (NCRO), South Central Region Office (SCRO) and Southern Region Office (SRO) respectively.
Collaboration by Department of Water Resources, Region Office personnel, Michael L. Serna, NRO, Jason Harbaugh - NCRO, Cynthia Moffett - SCRO and Robert Fastenau - SRO with the final merge of all data into a cohesive feature class.
This version was derived because a preexisting “dau_v2_105 nad27” Detailed Analysis Unit feature class that contained a multitude of variant sliver acreages along all DAU and county boundary lines through-out the State of California.
Each Region Office was sent their respective features where they exposed the DAU’s sliver anomalies. They subsequently merged the variant slivers into the proper DAUs. Upon completion, the DAU feature classes were sent back for assemblage. These features are reachable by County\DAU. This allows the county boundaries, the DAU boundaries and the State of California Boundary to match Cal-Fire cnty24k09_1_poly.”

Source: CNRA - DWR
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