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California Department of Water Resources

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) is responsible for managing and protecting California’s water resources. DWR works with other agencies to benefit the State’s people and to protect, restore and enhance the natural and human environments.


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CIMIS Weather Station & Spatial CIMIS Data - Web API

CIMIS data is available to the public free of charge via a web Application Programming Interface (API). The CIMIS Web API delivers data over the REST protocol from an enterprise production platform. The system provides reference evapotranspiration (ETo) and weather data from the CIMIS Weather Station Network and the Spatial CIMIS System. Spatial CIMIS provides daily maps of ETo and solar radiation (Rs) data at 2-km grid by coupling remotely sensed satellite data with point measurements from the CIMIS weather stations. In summary, the data provided through the CIMIS Web API is comprised by a) Weather and ETo data registered at the CIMIS Weather Station Network (more than 150 stations located throughout the state of California and b) Spatial CIMIS System data that provides statewide ETo and solar radiation (Rs) data as well as aeraged ETo by zip-codes. The RESTful HTTP services reach a broader range of clients; including Wi-Fi aware irrigation smart controllers as well as browser and mobile applications, all while expanding the delivery options by providing data in either JSON or XML formats.

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