California Open Data Policy

California Department of Technology - Technology Letter

The California Department of Technology (CDT) released Technology Letter (TL) 19-01 announcing the Open Data Policy. This policy helps State Government take full advantage of its information resources by promoting more accessible, discoverable, and usable data to propel innovation, improve the delivery of public services and empower the people of California while protecting privacy. As a result of this policy, new State Administrative Manual (SAM) Sections 5160, 5160.1, and 5160.2 provide policy information and applicable exceptions and SAM Section 4819.2 has been revised to include new definitions. Additionally, this policy establishes the California Open Data Handbook which provides guidelines to identify, review, prioritize and prepare publishable data for access by the public and government entities via an open data portal or open data site. TL 19-01 is available on CDT’s website located at:

Questions regarding this TL should be directed to the California Department of Technology, Office of Government Affairs at

California State Administrative Manual (SAM) Open Data Policy

Open Data Policy Introduction: Section 5160
Open Data Policy Requirements: Section 5160.1
Open Data Exceptions: Section 5160.2
Definitions: Section 4819.2