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Geographic data describes our world allowing for city planning, flood prediction, emergency service routing, environmental assessments and many other applications. The data below is available through key maps, charts and various data types.

California Travel and Tourism Commission

Agency: California Travel and Tourism Commission

Download: California Region and City Maps

Description: View and download maps of California regions with locations of state and national parks, national forests, airports, car rental places, public transportation, and must see art and culture areas.

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California Stimulus Maps

Agency: Recovery Task Force

Download: California Stimulus Maps

Description: California stimulus maps showing American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects by county, city, and congressional district.

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Fingerprinting Services

Agency: Attorney General (Department of Justice)

Download: Fingerprinting Services

Description: Live scan fingerprinting locations in California.

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Sacramento Geographic Data

Agency: City of Sacramento

Download: Sacramento Geographic Data

Description: The City of Sacramento has developed various GIS data layers that are available to download for your own personal use. These layers are in ESRI’s shape file format and based in NAD83 State Plane Coordinate System, Zone II. Additionally included with each layer is a meta data document.

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Agency: DataSF

Download: DataSF

Description: DataSF is a clearinghouse of datasets available from the City & County of San Francisco.

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Boating Facilities

Agency: Department of Boating and Waterways

Download: Boating Facilities

Description: A list and mapped locations of Boating Facilities.

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ABAG Data Center

Agency: Association of Bay Area Governments

Download: ABAG Data Center

Description: Produces a variety of reports, along with data from government resources.

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Envirofacts Data

Agency: Environmental Protection Agency

Download: Envirofacts Data

Description: Environmental data including air, waste, facility, land, toxics, compliance, water, radiation, and other.

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Description: Maps and data, including downloadable, searchable state and local geographic data. Includes topics such as, boundaries, agriculture, atmosphere, biology, business, cadastral, demographic, elevation, environment, geology, health, imagery and basemaps, inland water, locations, oceans, transportation, and utilities.

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Cleanup Sites & Permitted Facilities

Agency: Department of Toxic Substances Control

Download: Cleanup Sites & Permitted Facilities

Description: The EnviroStor Database now includes data on “Cleanup Sites” and “Permitted Facilities” in downloadable files.

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